Washington State Women's Soccer Association

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I. Player Registration

II. Slide Tackling


I. Player Registration

A. The Registrar shall have the authority to determine the eligibility of a team and/or player based upon her current report.

1. If the team and/or player wish to appeal the Registrar’s decision, written notice must be sent to the WSWSA President requesting review of the decision. The President will respond to the request within 72 hours.

2. The team and/or player remain ineligible for league play until it and/or she meets the registration requirements or the decision appeal is reversed.

B. A player shall be registered by completely filling out and signing her team roster prior to participation in league play. Add/transfer form must be completed when applicable. The following information is required.

1. Completed player form.

2. Valid Cascadia Player ID card number.

3. Transfer form as needed. (C below)

4. Verification, if required, that any and all team properties be returned to previous team prior to registration on new team.

5. Liability waiver.

6. Roster must be mailed directly to: WSWSA Registrar (attn Roster) PO Box

C. WSWSA transfer forms are required for all players moving between teams after submission of team roster during the notification of player’s intent to transfer from an old team to a new team. A player may transfer within a league once during Spring season. Transfer forms must be filled out and signed before participation in the first game with a new team. Add/Transfer forms must be mailed directly to WSWSA Registrar (attn: Add/transfer Form) PO Box 7505, Covington, WA,  98042-9998. Transfers are not required during Summer, Fall and Frostbite seasons.

D. Any team found to be using underage player(s) or otherwise ineligible player(s) shall forfeit all games in which their ineligible player(s) participated by a score of 1-0.

E. All members of WSWSA teams will be required to have a Player Identification Card (PIC) prior to participation in any sanctioned league games.

F. A player will be required to have her PIC at all games. A player who fails to present a PIC upon request will not be allowed to play in that game until her card is shown. Any team which fails to show PICS shall forfeit that game by a score of 1-0.

G. Any team/member of WSWSA found to have forged a signature on a roster will be subject to suspension from WSWSA.

H. A team may request proof of age of any player through the Registrar.

I. A coach is required to release names and jersey numbers upon request.

J. Any team challenging another team for use of an unregistered player(s) or a player without the proper PIC must do so by email to the Registrar within 72 hours of game time. The player and her team representative shall be notified of the challenge by the Registrar if the challenge is upheld. Notification shall be by email and shall specify the game from which the player(s) is suspended, copies going to other teams directly involved.

K. A player may be registered and play with no more than one WSWSA age appropriate team in a Spring League season, except when a Player transfers subject to player eligibility requirements under WSWSA rules (see rule C).


II. Slide Tackling

Slide tackling is allowed by any player in the Open and Masters Divisions. In the Classic, Gold and/or Platinum Divisions, only the goalkeeper is allowed to 'slide' and only within the 18-yard box to get the ball. If she slides outside of the box, she is then considered a field player.