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PayPal Button is Active!
The PayPal Button for Fall 2017 Is Active!! Look to the upper...
Fall 2017 Registration/Fee Due August 18
Fall 2017 Registration Due August 18 Fall 2017 registration is...
Nights of Play Changes
Dear WSWSA Members, We, the WSWSA Executive Board, want to let...
Important Game Reminders
Important game reminders Ref doesn't show, lights don't...
PayPal Button is Active!

The PayPal Button for Fall 2017 Is Active!!

Look to the upper right on this web page.

We encourage you to use PayPal to submit your Fall season fees.


by posted 08/16/2017
Fall 2017 Registration/Fee Due August 18

Fall 2017 Registration Due August 18

Fall 2017 registration is due on August 18 for a total fee of $1,560.  There are twelve games this season and they should start the week of September 24.  There are two methods for registration: 1) the on-line registration tool, and 2) the registration form (available by clicking here).  We have added a level of play entry to help with alignment, however, there are no guarantees that we will have enough teams for all three levels. The on-line registration tool and PayPal payment method will be available shortly.  Established managers and assistants will receive a link to the online registration tool by email as soon as the tool is ready.

Both the registration form, either submitted on-line or sent via email, and fees are due on August 18, 2017.

Just a quick reminder that we will do our best to schedule games on the nights of play for your division, however, in the Fall there are a significant number of youth activities that may limit our ability.  In addition, we are still trying to establish field history so Classic will likely have games on both Mondays and Tuesdays.

Shortly after the registration deadline the registrar will be reaching out to confirm your team roster and that each player has completed a WSWSA waiver form.  If you have questions please reach out to the Executive Board, Registrar, or Commissioners.

WSWSA President


by posted 07/30/2017
Nights of Play Changes

Dear WSWSA Members,

We, the WSWSA Executive Board, want to let you know that we are changing the nights of play for Open (17+) and Over 40 (Classic) starting next Spring (2017). Here are the revised nights of play:

Sunday - Overflow
Monday – Classic (O40) and Platinum (O55/O60)
Tuesday – Open (17+) and Classic overflow*
Wednesday - Gold (O50)
Thursday - Masters (O28)

For those of you who don't know, we changed nights of play four years ago, to a set schedule. This was in direct response to our members’ desire not to change nights of play every season and not to play on Sundays. The nights chosen were based on a couple of key factors, most significantly our historical use of fields.

Since then we have received several requests to separate the Classic (O40) and Gold (O50) divisions so that they do not play on back to back nights. We worked continually to find a solution, surveying team managers; having discussions at the Annual General Meeting; and recently dedicated two full working meetings to the task. Finally, after laying out all the options and conducting the decision analysis, we found an answer and approved the change shown above at our Executive Board meeting on November 14.

As many of you know, field availability has been a challenge this past year with all youth sports having priority, but we are currently reserving any fields we can to support this change. With a couple of adult leagues folding recently, we hope to have a better opportunity to get fields this Spring and the following seasons. However, please keep in mind that we may still need to schedule some games on overflow nights, and it may take a few seasons to complete the transition. *In other words, for the Classic (O40) Division, teams may have games on a Monday or a Tuesday night for a few seasons until we build up historical use.

If you have any questions, please contact your Commissioners or members of the Executive Board.

Thank you for your continued support and patience. It is very much appreciated!

Washington State Women’s Soccer Association
Executive Board


by posted 11/28/2016
Important Game Reminders

Important game reminders

Ref doesn't show, lights don't come on or go off early, game is forfeit:  email Karrie, the scheduler at within 24 hours (otherwise we may not issue a credit). Both teams should email (or copy each other) so we know both were aware of the situation.

No lights or lights go out early: Many of the parks departments have phone numbers posted at the fields. Try and call - some have remote access and can get them on in minutes. We also have many of the field contact phone numbers listed on our website. Click the No Lights?? tab at the top of the screen on the home page.

No referee:  
Go ahead and play the game.  Games with no referee will not be re-scheduled. In addition to notifying the scheduler so you get credit for the no-show, please email the game results to the league recorder at so she can post the scores on the website.

Can't field a team at the last minute??  Contact the other team immediately. Most team managers have contact information under the Team Contacts tab in the left column of our home page. Also, immediately notify the scheduler to see if she can cancel the field and the official assigned to the match. If you cannot find the opposing team's contact information, you can contact the Scheduler, Registrar, or any one of the Commissioners.

Starfire games: Games at Starfire will have 40 minute halves, unless you have the last game of the night.  If you have a game with 40 minute halves, take the field at kick-off time; don't wait for the referees while they get ready. Encourage the referee to only have a 2 minute half time and get back out onto the pitch.


by posted 09/19/2009
Registration Fees

Fall registration is due August 18. Both the registration form and payment are due on that date.

Season cost is $1560 for 12 games.

The PayPal button will be active soon.

Team Name


Teams Needing Players

If your team is looking for players, you have a couple of options. You can:

1) contact one of the player coordinators under the "New Players & Practices/I'm ready to play" tab above;

2) post a message on our Facebook page (click here).

We are always getting names of players looking for teams. And not all teams play every season but may still have some players that do want to play. Hope this helps because we really want everyone to have the opportunity to play!

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